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Kuang Si Falls, Luang Prabang, North Central Laos

Kuang Si falls is a chain of lovely falls and swimming pools, positioned inside the Luang Prabang city of Laos. It is probably the maximum beautiful traveller enchantment inside the Luang Prabang. Kunag Si falls is genuinely surrounded by using lush tropical jungle. So apart from the breathtaking view of the falls, you could experience the excellent mild weather. There are trails within the jungle that lead you to the falls.
after you reached the falls, you may see surprising cascades of water and numerous pools. fortunately, some of pools in this falls are best for swimming. For changing the cloths, you can discover the wooden huts close to the falls.
All season are best for experiencing the Kuang Si Falls. all through the dry season, you could see stunning turquoise and green colored water. The shade is due to the combination of minerals to the water.

at some stage in wet season, you may expect sturdy currents at Kunag Si falls. So such situation can be inconvenient for swimming. despite the fact that, you could enjoy in the spraying of water.

The waterfalls aren't the handiest attraction inside the Kuang Si Park. The jungle trekking is another famous vacationer activity on this area. at the manner to the Kuang Si falls you'll also get a close view of traditional village lifestyles.


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